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Real estate website design

The objects targeted to use the solution are Corporations, Companies operating in the field of Real Estate Investment, real estate trading floors nationwide.

+ With the object of corporations, corporations, businesses they design real estate websites for the purpose of promoting the brand of the enterprise, promoting projects that businesses invest.

Real estate website design solutions include:

- Professional interface, commensurate with the size and brand of existing Enterprises

- Effective project management function

- Manage information content easily

- Standard Seo and other search requests

+ For real estate floors, the real estate website design solution allows real estate floors to have a 24-hour online real estate trading floor.

Real estate website website design solutions include the following functions:

  • The web interface is simple, easy to use, and the web pages are arranged scientifically with harmonious and non-distracting web colors to help identify the Real Estate business brand.
  • The website displays simple, complete Real Estate project information, integrated vivid images, classified by each product catalog (houses, apartments, land, real estate ...) on the web .
  • Smart property search function, effective, easy to use
  • Support web interaction with customers such as depositing, sending requests, hotlines, email arranged scientifically, easy to see and stimulate customers to interact when viewing products. Fast, flexible sharing information, making it easy for the website to be promoted, creating a real bridge between businesses and potential customers.
  • Google-friendly web, optimization of search engines, makes it easy for users to find real estate web design.
  • High quality CMS web content management system, web security, easy to use.
  • View and search anytime, anywhere with the mobile web version.
  • Building a web trading platform with the participation of sellers, buyers in the market can make online transactions on real estate web.
  • Support customer relationship management software: manage information about customers' needs, contracts, product marketing, post real estate advertisements on the web.
  • Integrating real estate information filtering and processing software effectively - quickly, helping customers process large amounts of information on the web easily and accurately
  • Integrated real estate digital map function : real estate news projects and projects are attached to visual GIS digital map. Real estate map includes real estate map classes about: Real estate map General planning, Real estate map District planning, Real estate map Detailed planning, Real estate map Situation, Real Estate Map Land Plots, Real Estate Map Land prices ... .. help to visually show information related to the Real Estate they are interested in.

Layout solution of real estate trading floor website

Property map to help with transactions

Typical customers use the solution:

- PH Invest Group;

- Geleximco Group:

- An Binh Star Joint Stock Company:

- HudLand Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company:

- MBAMC Appraisal Joint Stock Company:

- Hung Yen real estate floor:

- Bac Ninh real estate floor:

- ...

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